Post-Launch Service
Staying alive

After launching your brilliant new website, the start of a new phase begins. Like a car or a home, the website will need maintenance along the road. Just like you need a good mechanic or a trusted repairer for your house or car, websites are no different. Upgrades, repairs, and new features will keep your site running smoothly and meeting the needs of your clients and users. This is where our Post Launch Service can help you keep your site alive.

An offewinnir you should not refuse

We offer services to keep your site up to date, functional, and alive after launch. These services are not exclusive to websites we have developed from the beginning. We also take on support and assistance on sites where there is a need for further development or maintenance. And as every respectable web firm nowadays, we offer relevant training for our customers where needed.

What we do


Sometimes you find things on your newly launched website that you want to change. Perhaps your users only aren’t using a page as anticipated, or a plugin doesn’t maximize the user experience as you hoped it would. It’s best to address this right away with a quick and timely troubleshooting session.

Security Updates and Bug Fixes:

Any CMS today requires some form of patches and security fixes to make sure the websites stable and up to date. The same goes for any plugins and modules installed on your CMS. You will need someone competent and available to monitor and facilitate these changes regularly. Having regular post-launch support will ensure your site is safe and secure by operating with the newest and best versions of the software available.


Monitoring and interpreting your site’s data is a critical aspect of running an optimized and performant website. Your site is a living document, so you’ll want to know what pages get the most views, what your bounce rate is, where your outside referrals are coming from, how various trends change over time, and any other information that might help you make informed decisions moving forward. A robust design and strategy team can help interpret your website’s analytics with cost-effective tools like Google Analytics so you can make the necessary adjustments with crucial information in mind.

Continuous SEO Optimization:

Search engine optimization needs regular tracking and monitoring to garner increased page views and eventual conversions on your site. Changes in trends, search queries, terminology, and competition mean that you need a dedicated team that stays updated on your site ranking on search engines and driving traffic in your field. They should use this information to make educated recommendations for SEO improvements to help increase rankings.

Maintaining Integrations with Third-Parties:

Most of our clients have custom and large integration points with Salesforce/Pipedrive or other third-party systems that provide their users with a valuable experience. These custom solutions require updates and maintenance, so communications between the website and the integrated third-party systems stay active.

Custom Development:

We do updates, extensions, integrations for current sites and apps based on your requirements and wishes.

A winning philosophy

Besides our business’s duty to our clients, post-launch support on any project is about a winning mentality. If we are around to help our clients successfully navigate, maintain, and fully utilize their new design, they’ll be more successful. That success reflects well on the quality of our services. The client looks good, so we look good. It’s mutually beneficial and helps build and maintain a healthy relationship in the future.


Post-launch-service is usually purchased per-hour, but we also provide continual service agreements or offer-based solutions when required.
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