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About Cookies

How we at Smart Source use cookies

The Act on Electronic Communications states that all visitors to a website should be informed that the website contains cookies and how these are used in that case. Our website uses cookies, you can read more below.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is best described as a small text file that the website saves on your computer or other device. Cookies are a well-used tool and can be found on many websites today. They make it possible to follow the visitor's use of the website and save information about this.

Different types of cookies

In essence, it can be said that there are two different types of cookies – permanent and temporary (also called session cookies). A permanent cookie is stored on your computer for a longer period of time. A temporary cookie is only temporarily stored in the computer's memory and disappears when the visitor closes their browser.

What does Smart Source use cookies for?

The cultural center uses temporary cookies so that our tools Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel help us collect statistics on which pages are visited the most on our website and how our visitors navigate around the page. We then use these cookies in order to improve the user experience for you who visit

How can I avoid cookies?

You as a visitor can block cookies by making settings in your browser.

Learn more about cookies?

The Swedish Post and Telecommunications Board have more detailed information about cookies - Click here to read more...