Wordpress vs

Umbraco Hosting

Hosting is often overlooked in a Umbraco vs Wordpress comparison but plays a vital role in the general well-being of each website. It's crucial to include conversations around hosting when selecting a CMS platform because of its implications for the website and overall digital strategy.

Wordpress vs Umbraco Hosting

Shared vs managed hosting

One major mistake Wordpress users make is to assume that all hosting is similar. One of the significant differences in Wordpress hosting is shared vs managed hosting. Shared hosting is much cheaper than managed hosting but comes with severe security risks. For example, if one of the other websites on your shared server gets hacked, then your website might be vulnerable. Essentially, with shared hosting, organizations are counting on other companies or individual bloggers to maintain their platform security. For this very reason, many organizations are choosing managed hosting for their Wordpress website. Managed hosting is significantly more expensive than shared hosting. Still, it doesn't solve security issues such as automatic security upgrades for the installed website. Additionally, sites using managed hosting might have speed issues and require a CDN to speed up Wordpress sites in a locally hosted environment.

Microsoft Azure

Umbraco Cloud hosts its websites in Microsoft Azure to ensure that each website is secure, fast, and requires as little maintenance as possible for Umbraco Cloud users. This platform also includes extensive security features such as automatic security upgrades that keep the installed site secure and the hosting environment. Most Umbraco Cloud packages include a development environment, and some even have a separate staging environment. Umbraco Cloud also includes an SLA for all packages except the Starter package. Cloud platform support is also included with Umbraco Cloud. The different package levels for Umbraco Cloud provide varying scalability based on metrics such as storage, usage, and traffic.