Wordpress vs

Umbraco Support

When starting a website migration project for any platform, consider platform support. While both platforms can support numerous users, centralized platform support is essential for organizations with limited staff and resources.

Wordpress vs Umbraco Support

Decentralized platform

Being a decentralized platform, Wordpress lacks a central source of support. Numerous user groups, blogs, and forums exist to help Wordpress users learn the platform and solve problems as they arise. However, this support is typically generalized and requires a baseline knowledge from the person looking for an answer.

Proactive support and training materials

Umbraco Cloud includes various types of support for users. All subscription levels offer forum support for users, and multiple subscription levels provide chat support and ticketing. Also, Umbraco Cloud offers more proactive support to users through training materials available. These materials are included with all levels of Umbraco Cloud subscription. As previously mentioned, Umbraco also provides support for the Umbraco Cloud platform to all users. With this training and support, organizations new to Umbraco can be confident they are equipped with the tools to learn and excel on the platform.