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Smart Source has developed an image bank for Kosta Boda to deliver product images to the press and stores. With the help of Smart Source's image bank, Kosta Boda can manage its product images in a structured way with functions to categorize and tag images.

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Powerful image bank for Kosta Boda for easy management and distribution of product images

Smart Source has developed a robust image bank for Kosta Boda. The system is designed to store, organize and distribute product images to the press and stores. By using the image bank, Kosta Boda can easily manage its large image library and ensure that images are available to relevant stakeholders.

An important function of the system is the ability to categorize and tag the images. By assigning relevant categories and tags to each image, it becomes easy to search for specific products or image types. This saves time and makes it easier for users to find exactly the images they need. In addition, the system enables image sharing, which means users can easily share product images with other stakeholders, such as marketing departments, printers or retailers.

This image bank that Smart Source has built for Kosta Boda appears to be a powerful solution for managing and distributing product images to the press and stores. By offering categorization, tagging and sharing functions, the system facilitates the work with image management and ensures that the right images reach the right people at the right time.

C# ASP (C# Active Server Pages)

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Kosta Boda

With a focus on modern lifestyle products and inspiring art, Kosta Boda creates glass that makes a difference. Absolutely, it's just glass, but at the same time it's so much more.

At Kosta Boda, we have worked with glass for almost 300 years, developing a deep understanding and love for the material. We work with design, interior design, lifestyle and art, striving to create products and objects that are bold and forward-thinking, yet accessible.

Mattias Jacobsson

Co-founder & Senior Project Manager

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