Payment system for charging stations

Our payment system for charging stations revolutionizes your charging experience. With the convenience of a tag, you can easily and securely activate the charging at our stations. Forget about complicated payment processes and instead focus on quickly getting your electric vehicle charged. 

C# ASP.NET, Siemens, Vanderbilt, Bewator, BAPSI 

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Integration with Siemens Bewator


Vanderbilt/Bewator's pass and reservation system requires each tenant to have a tag to gain access to the laundry room. This tag is provided by the property owner. By combining these two systems, we can monitor the use of the laundry room. The system collects all data and sends the usage information once a month to the billing system.

Efficient invoicing and usage optimization for laundry rooms: A win for both the environment and the tenants


The tenant is automatically billed for the use of the laundry room. The system supports different tariffs for different laundries and there is also a lower fee if you have booked the laundromat but not used it. This billing system is beneficial both for the environment and for making the use of the laundry room more efficient.

By introducing a charge for the use of the laundry room, tenants tend to use the machines more efficiently by filling them to capacity.


Siemens Bewator/Bapsi Connect


Our .NET desktop program represents a cutting-edge solution for automated billing and efficiency enhancement in laundry room management. By integrating with the existing billing system and leveraging Bewator traffic logs, the program seamlessly calculates and invoices tenants based on their actual usage. Through the introduction of charges, tenants are incentivized to optimize machine utilization, promoting sustainability and improved efficiency. This comprehensive and user-friendly solution empowers administrators with real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, facilitating informed decision-making and further operational improvements in the laundry room environment.


C# ASP (C# Active Server Pages)

Is a programming language and framework that allows developers to build dynamic and interactive web applications. It is widely used for developing web-based solutions and is especially popular for creating enterprise-level applications. C# ASP provides a robust and scalable environment for building web applications with its extensive library of pre-built components and tools. It offers features like code-behind, server-side scripting, and seamless integration with databases, making it a versatile choice for developing complex and data-driven websites. With its strong support for object-oriented programming and a wide community of developers, C# ASP is a reliable option for creating powerful web applications.

Siemens Bewator Bapsi

Siemens Bewator Bapsi is a comprehensive access control system designed to provide secure and efficient management of entry points in various environments. With its advanced features and robust hardware, it enables organizations to control access to their premises, ensuring only authorized individuals can enter. The Bapsi system offers a range of functionalities, including card-based identification, biometric authentication, and remote management capabilities. It can be seamlessly integrated with other security systems and can scale to accommodate the needs of small to large facilities. Siemens Bewator Bapsi provides reliable and effective access control solutions for enhancing security and managing access control in diverse settings.


Vanderbilt is a leading provider of security systems and solutions, specializing in access control, intrusion detection, and video management. With a wide range of innovative products and technologies, Vanderbilt offers comprehensive security solutions for various industries and applications. Their systems are known for their reliability, scalability, and advanced features, allowing organizations to effectively protect their assets and personnel. Vanderbilt's solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure and provide intuitive user interfaces for easy management and monitoring. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous innovation, Vanderbilt is a trusted name in the security industry.


Siemens is a global technology powerhouse that operates in various industries, including energy, healthcare, transportation, and industrial automation. With a history dating back over 170 years, Siemens has established itself as a leader in innovation and engineering excellence. The company offers a wide range of products, solutions, and services, encompassing areas such as power generation, medical imaging, smart infrastructure, and digitalization. Siemens is committed to sustainability and focuses on delivering solutions that contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. With a strong global presence and a dedication to technological advancements, Siemens plays a crucial role in shaping the industries it operates in.


Riksbyggen is a Swedish cooperative organization that operates in the field of housing ownership, rental housing, and community properties. Since its establishment in 1940, Riksbyggen has focused on creating sustainable and secure living environments for its members and tenants. The organization offers various types of housing and properties, along with related services such as management, maintenance, and energy efficiency. Riksbyggen strives to promote social responsibility and sustainable development in all its projects and works closely with its customers and the community to create pleasant and long-term housing solutions. With its extensive experience and expertise, Riksbyggen is a trusted player in the housing sector in Sweden.

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