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Eventry.com is an all-in-one platform for marketing and ticket sales, designed to simplify the event planning process. Whether you're hosting a small gathering or a large-scale conference, Eventry.com provides the tools you need to reach your audience and sell tickets seamlessly.

C# ASP.NET, web scraping, Din Kurs Sverige AB

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Marketing platform for organizers provided by Din Kurs Sverige AB


Eventry.com is a marketing platform developed by Din kurs to provide event hosts with an effective way to promote their events. The platform allows event organizers to publish their events, making them searchable on Google and offering an additional marketing channel alongside their own webpages. 

This feature-rich platform drives traffic and attention to events, enabling organizers to reach a broader audience and increase event visibility. Eventry.com serves as a valuable service extension for organizers already using dinkurs.se, providing them with enhanced event promotion capabilities. To explore the outcome of this project, visit https://eventry.com.

Developing a Marketing Platform for Events


Din Kurs aims to create a marketing platform for events that allows event hosts to publish their events, making them searchable by Google and serving as an additional marketing channel. The objective is to drive traffic and attention to events, while providing a modern and attractive platform.

Challenges include API integration, designing a user-friendly interface, optimizing event details, and ensuring shareability and searchability throughout the internet. The goal is to reach more event hosts and offer an enhanced service to existing organizers using dinkurs.se. Visit https://eventry.com for the results.


Kicki Fellstenius

"We manage all our bookings for both courses and private lessons via dinkurs.se and thanks to the scope of our course activities, we would never manage the administration on our own. Dinkurs.se has tailored solutions for us, both in terms of courses and private lessons.

Firstly, it is fundamentally a good booking system. But above all, we have received fantastic service and help in developing tailor-made solutions so that the system fits our business."

Kicki Fellstenius

C# ASP (C# Active Server Pages)

Is a programming language and framework that allows developers to build dynamic and interactive web applications. It is widely used for developing web-based solutions and is especially popular for creating enterprise-level applications. C# ASP provides a robust and scalable environment for building web applications with its extensive library of pre-built components and tools. It offers features like code-behind, server-side scripting, and seamless integration with databases, making it a versatile choice for developing complex and data-driven websites. With its strong support for object-oriented programming and a wide community of developers, C# ASP is a reliable option for creating powerful web applications.

Din Kurs Sverige AB

Din Kurs Sverige AB offers efficient participant management as part of its training services. Through their platform, they facilitate the handling of participant information, registrations and attendance reporting. By automating processes, administrative work is minimized and it becomes easy to keep track of the number of participants and communication before and during educational events. Din Kurs Sverige AB's participant management system provides an overview of course participants and enables smooth follow-up and reporting of course results. With the help of their participant management services, companies and organizations can optimize their training administration and create a smooth and professional experience for participants.

Web scraping

Web scraping is the automated process of extracting data from websites using software or bots. It involves fetching and parsing the HTML content of web pages to extract specific information such as text, images, links, or structured data. Web scraping can be used for various purposes, including data mining, market research, competitor analysis, and content aggregation. However, it's important to ensure that web scraping is conducted ethically and in compliance with the website's terms of service and legal regulations.

Mattias Jacobsson

Co-founder & Senior Project Manager

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