System for ordering military provisioning

Smart Source developed and is supporting a platform for online food ordering. Through the system, users can select their desired dishes and specify any special requirements or allergies. The system handles various tasks such as order processing, billing, exceptions, and reporting.

C# ASP.NET, Fortnox, Microdeb, Nordrest, Swedish Armed Forces, Menigo

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Order portal for Nordrest for the Swedish Armed Forces' food orders

The portal is designed to streamline processes such as purchase order creation, contract monitoring, price inquiries, and deviation reporting. It supports various user roles, including Buyers, Reviewers, Suppliers, and System Administrators, each with specific functionalities and permissions.

The web portal enables the creation and linking of purchase orders from Facilities Management to suppliers, accommodating both long-term and one-time orders. Authorized agencies and organizations can also utilize the portal for their procurement needs. Contract monitoring features include checklist completion, reporting, surveys, and statistical analysis, providing comprehensive insights into contract performance.

Comprehensive functionality for efficient order management, contract monitoring, and statistical analysis

The portal offers a wide range of reports, such as purchase orders, deviations, financial reports, meal checklists, and statistical analysis. Users can extract data in Excel format, receive reports via email, and perform database analysis. The functionality for meal services includes selecting wholesale price lists, listing delivery addresses, and reporting deviations.

The web portal ensures effective communication and collaboration between buyers, reviewers, and suppliers. It facilitates efficient order management, enhances contract monitoring, and provides valuable statistical insights. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionality, the web portal is designed to optimize the procurement process and improve overall efficiency.

Effective connections to Nordrest and Fortnox through the Microdeb API for seamless management of food orders for the Swedish Armed Forces.

These connections to Nordrest restaurants and the Fortnox invoicing system via the Microdeb API enable the portal to optimize processes and facilitate communication between various stakeholders, resulting in smoother and more efficient handling of food orders for the Swedish Armed Forces.

C# ASP (C# Active Server Pages)

Is a programming language and framework that allows developers to build dynamic and interactive web applications. It is widely used for developing web-based solutions and is especially popular for creating enterprise-level applications. C# ASP provides a robust and scalable environment for building web applications with its extensive library of pre-built components and tools. It offers features like code-behind, server-side scripting, and seamless integration with databases, making it a versatile choice for developing complex and data-driven websites. With its strong support for object-oriented programming and a wide community of developers, C# ASP is a reliable option for creating powerful web applications.

Fortnox API

Fortnox API is a powerful and versatile application programming interface provided by Fortnox, a leading provider of cloud-based accounting and financial management software. The API allows developers to integrate their own applications with the Fortnox platform, enabling seamless data exchange and automation of various accounting processes. With the Fortnox API, developers can access and manipulate data related to invoices, payments, customers, products, and more. It offers a wide range of endpoints and functionalities, providing flexibility and customization options for businesses. The Fortnox API is well-documented and supported, making it a reliable choice for developers seeking to streamline their accounting workflows and enhance their software solutions.


Microdeb is a software company that offers comprehensive solutions for streamlining payment transactions, serving customers in both the private sector and the public sector. The company is currently a leader in Sweden in terms of the number of installations, complexity of customer solutions, and breadth of its customer base. Microdeb's payment system generates approximately 150 million transactions annually.

Microdeb was founded in 1979 (under the name Atronic) and currently has 20 dedicated and skilled employees in Sweden. The headquarters is located at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg.


Nordrest is a pure restaurant company founded in 2013 by Thomas Dahlstedt. With steady and profitable growth, Nordrest is now one of Sweden's leading restaurant companies and is expected to generate 1 billion in revenue in 2022.

Nordrest's goal is to provide Sweden with better dining experiences through interesting concepts and business models. The business includes restaurant and café operations for companies, hospitals, schools, campuses, and elderly care facilities.

Swedish Armed Forces

Swedish Armed Forces, is the unified military organization responsible for the defense of Sweden. It encompasses the Swedish Army, Navy, and Air Force, as well as various supporting units and agencies. Försvarsmakten's primary role is to safeguard Sweden's sovereignty, territorial integrity, and national interests.

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