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Smart Source's mission was to create an app for both iOS and Android that could verify tickets quickly and easily. But it would also work to check tickets for several events at the same time. This was particularly important for Kulturcentralen's organizers who organize festivals.

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Check-In with QR Codes - Smart Source Builds a Seamless Ticket Scanning App for Kulturcentralen

Main Text: With nearly 20 years of experience, Kulturcentralen has adapted to the digital changes in ticket sales. From initially focusing on sales at their store on the pedestrian street in Malmö, they have now developed their own ticket scanning app. Smart Source has been a reliable partner in building and maintaining Kulturcentralen's website and mobile app.

To maintain their leading position in the geographical area, Kulturcentralen wanted to offer a digital solution for quickly and smoothly checking tickets at the entrance. Previously, manual checks had been the standard, but now a more efficient method was needed. Smart Source took on the task of developing an app for both iOS and Android that could quickly and easily verify tickets while supporting ticket checks for multiple events simultaneously.

Speed and communication

Speed and communication were key factors in the development of the app. It was optimized to take full advantage of the mobile's power and use the camera to quickly scan and analyze QR codes. The app also communicated rapidly with the central database to verify the scanned codes through the server's API.

The features of the app include QR code scanning, barcode scanning, manual entry of booking numbers, scanning of multiple events simultaneously, check-in/check-out functionality, cloud verification for multiple entrances, and the ability to download the app. The result was a downloadable app that enabled Kulturcentralen's organizers to quickly and easily scan tickets on any mobile device and immediately begin the process of checking their attendees' tickets.

Smart Source worked with volunteer testers to produce and deliver the new ticket scanning app. The app is now used by multiple organizers, facilitating their work every week in connection with their events.

The project followed a methodology based on Scrum, which included regular consultations with the customer. Speed in scanning and user-friendliness were prioritized aspects throughout the project.

With the new ticket scanning app, Kulturcentralen has taken another step towards revolutionizing check-in and creating a smoother experience for both organizers and participants.

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The Kulturcentralen, with a store in Malmö, sells tickets to events and provides tips on cultural activities. It operates as a non-profit association with the support of operational grants from the Malmö Cultural Board.

Smart Source builds and maintains both the website and mobile app for the Kulturcentralen. The mobile app serves as a tool for organizers to scan and verify sold tickets.

The Kulturcentralen assists hundreds of organizers with their ticket sales, processing over 500,000 ticket transactions annually.

Mikael Strand

Co-founder & Senior Project Manager

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