Subscription Management System

Platform that manages and automates the billing of subscriptions. The system enables smooth and efficient handling of payments for domain name registrations and different types of subscriptions.

C# ASP.NET, Fortnox API, Ports Group

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Automated Invoicing

The invoicing system is a cloud-based platform that enables seamless management of company subscriptions and orders. This program is specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses and accounting firms handling large volumes of subscriptions. The system is integrated with Fortnox, allowing for automatic creation and sending of invoices every month.

Subscription Invoicing as a SaaS Solution

We at Smart Source take pride in developing a cloud-based web solution in C# for saving and sending subscriptions to the invoicing system. Our platform allows users to effortlessly add, update, and remove subscriptions in their daily work. Additionally, the system provides functionality to assist customers in selecting which subscriptions to invoice and keeping track of the next invoicing date.


Smart Source Integration Partner with Fortnox

As an integration partner with Fortnox, Smart Source excels in creating and enhancing integrations with their API. We strive to offer reliable and efficient solutions to optimize our customers' subscription management. With our expertise in C# and close collaboration with Fortnox, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality integration solutions.

C# ASP (C# Active Server Pages)

Is a programming language and framework that allows developers to build dynamic and interactive web applications. It is widely used for developing web-based solutions and is especially popular for creating enterprise-level applications. C# ASP provides a robust and scalable environment for building web applications with its extensive library of pre-built components and tools. It offers features like code-behind, server-side scripting, and seamless integration with databases, making it a versatile choice for developing complex and data-driven websites. With its strong support for object-oriented programming and a wide community of developers, C# ASP is a reliable option for creating powerful web applications.

Fortnox API

Fortnox API is a powerful and versatile application programming interface provided by Fortnox, a leading provider of cloud-based accounting and financial management software. The API allows developers to integrate their own applications with the Fortnox platform, enabling seamless data exchange and automation of various accounting processes. With the Fortnox API, developers can access and manipulate data related to invoices, payments, customers, products, and more. It offers a wide range of endpoints and functionalities, providing flexibility and customization options for businesses. The Fortnox API is well-documented and supported, making it a reliable choice for developers seeking to streamline their accounting workflows and enhance their software solutions.

Ports Group

Ports Group is a Swedish company specializing in brand and intellectual property services. With over 50 years of experience, they offer comprehensive services in areas such as brand protection, domain name management, and digital security. Ports Group works with companies of all sizes and industries, helping them protect their intellectual assets and build strong brands. With their expertise in intellectual property and technology, Ports Group provides tailored solutions to meet their clients' unique needs and challenges. The company has established itself as a trusted partner in brand and intellectual property services in Sweden and internationally.


Inbrand is a Swedish company specializing in marketing and communication. With their expertise in brand development, strategy, and design, they help businesses build strong and successful brands. By focusing on creative solutions and effective communication, Inbrand creates meaningful experiences for their clients and their target audience. Recently, Inbrand has been incorporated with Ports Group, a leading company in brand and intellectual property services. This partnership will strengthen Inbrand's offerings and provide even greater opportunities to help businesses protect and develop their brands.

Mattias Jacobsson

Co-founder & Senior Project Manager

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